Mission Statement

What does it mean to have a "signature style"? This term most often applies to a designer who has consistently imposed his or her personal sensibility on their projects.

While, like many architects, I have a strong sense of what I consider to be aesthetically pleasing, this sense, including whatever desire I have to express myself through a project, is subordinated to a set of other concerns. In what way does the site inform the design of the building or space? How does the sun travel through the space? How is that different in December? In June, at mid-day? In April, first thing
in the morning? What does a visitor learn as they enter the site? What
do they view when they look out from the space? How does the
experience of being and working in this environment change over time
for the people who are there most often?

How well are the functional requirements, both those stated and unstated,
met by the design? For whom was the project built? For whose daily use?
In what town or city is the project? In what ways does the architectural
expression of the work express the surrounding environment, whether
natural or human-made? Does the work express the history of its
environment? Does it actively rebel against that history? Certainly, the
most appropriate public expression of the project is one based on the
mission of the owners, occupants, and neighbors of the work, not on
the desires, however compelling, of the architect.

The images selected for this website are intended to demonstrate
solutions to a host of considerations, not the least of which is to
make manifest the desires and aspirations of the client, working in
collaboration with the architect and others.

For this reason, there is no signature style evident on this website.
My hope is that the images posted here provide evidence of
thoughtful problem-solving and real beauty, which were born in the
process of the owner and architect and builder working together to
create something unique to that team. Let's work together and create
something more amazing, and more appropriate than either of us could
have done on our own.